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Storys from Eben

Here we share our experiences from our place with you.
Through our stories we would like to bring you a little closer to our beautiful home and give you a little digital time out.

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A word from a restaurant owner

Reinfried Steiner from "Steiner's - Local Experience"

Steiner ReinfriedDressings from steiner's
Reinfried Steiner has been running the restaurant "Steiner's - Lokales Erlebnis" in the centre of Eben im Pongau for 40 years. He tells us about the beginnings of the restaurant, the in-house dressings and the never-ending adventure of cooking.

Back to the Future

Off to the 2nd RETRO ski race at monte popolo

Jury of the retro ski race 2023Winner of the retro style crown 2023
Anyone who claims that time travel is not possible was probably not at last year's retro ski day at monte popolo in Eben im Pongau. But that doesn't matter, because on 9th March 2024, the 2nd RETRO ski race at monte popolo will take you back to the future.

Full commitment at monte popolo

On the road with operations manager Josef Stadler

Pistenbully insidePistenbully
Shortly before the start of the season, I had the opportunity to look over the shoulders of Josef Stadler, Operations Manager at monte popolo in Eben im Pongau, and his staff and take a look behind the scenes. Because even if you ski regularly - it's not every day that you get to visit a pumping station or take a ride on a snow groomer, is it?

Mystical Moor November

an autumn walk on the Ebener Moor

Ebener Moor- HerbstblattSpaziergang Ebener Moor
The success stories of companies like Apple, Google and Co. are world famous. What do they have in common with the Eben Dirndl Dress Sunday? They all started in a garage. Cäzilia Althuber, chairwoman of the Eben Women’s Traditional Costume Club, tells us today exactly what Dirndl Dress Sunday is and why it is celebrated.

A day in honor of traditional costume in Eben im Pongau

The “Dirndl Dress Sunday”

"Dirndl Dress Sunday" in EbenDirndl Dress Sunday with the traditional music band Eben im Pongau
The success stories of companies like Apple, Google and Co. are world famous. What do they have in common with the Eben Dirndl Dress Sunday? They all started in a garage. Cäzilia Althuber, chairwoman of the Eben Women’s Traditional Costume Club, tells us today exactly what Dirndl Dress Sunday is and why it is celebrated.

About the great art of capturing moments

a portrait of wedding videographer Wouter Oudemans

Wedding videographer - Wouter Oudemans wedding table_©O'MANS
Wouter studied sports and marketing in his home country, the Netherlands. Alongside his studies, he worked as a ski instructor in New Zealand, Canada, and Austria, where he eventually decided to settle. 

When everything goes swimmingly

A day at the Eben im Pongau Adventure Bathing Lake

Sunset at Eben bathing lake Playing beach volleyball at the bathing lake Eben im Pongau
Finally, it’s here, summer! Although winter has its advantages, I can hardly wait for summer. A relaxing day at the lake, a refreshing cool down after a nice hike – always a highlight in the hot months. Let the summer sunshine on your face, cool off in the water, play a game of volleyball with friends, or simply switch off. My “place to be” for this: the Eben im Pongau Adventure Bathing Lake.

The Local Heritage Association

“D’Burgstoana” dance into May

"Maibaum aufstellen"The Local Heritage Associati“D’Burgstoana” dances into May
It’s all happening here in Eben in Pongau at the May festival on 30th April: the maypole, a tall spruce, stripped of its bark and branches, decorated with red and white ribbons and wreaths made of twigs, is erected in the middle of the village. 

The Eder Bakery

happy rolls from free-range bakers.

Bread and pastries from the bakery in Eben im PongauSweets from the bakery "Eder" in Eben
On the way to school, I quickly grab a croissant and a chocolate drink. I open the heavy door of the local bakery in my home village and the smell of the finest baked goods wafts into my nose. I place my “snack money” on the counter, standing on tiptoe, and whizz off with my provisions in hand – a typical morning during my primary school days.

Farm garden in the cycle of the year

The peace of winter

The farm garden at Buschberghof covered with snowThe farmer looks up tips and tricks in her book about gardening
The first snow has fallen and covered the landscape with its glittering blanket. Everything seems quieter, the air fresher. Time for my fourth and thus last “farm garden blog visit” to the Buschberghof in Eben im Pongau. I am already curious about the role the garden will play in winter and how Elisabeth will use the quiet time.

Farm garden in the cycle of the year

Golden treasures in autumn

Withered sunflower in the farm garden at BuschberghofApple harvest in autumn
The days are already getting noticeably shorter, the temperatures are falling, as are the red and golden coloured leaves, the mist is drifting across the countryside – all harbingers of autumn. Autumn has also arrived at the Jäger family’s Buschberg Farm. On my third visit to Elisabeth’s farm, I was able to learn about the processing and preservation of the rich harvest and take home some practical tips and tricks (and freshly harvested fruit).

Farm garden in the cycle of the year

The precious summer season

Salad bed in a cottage gardenBlackberries
Do you remember my blog article about the spring awakening in Elisabeth’s garden at the Buschberghof Farm in Eben im Pongau? Now summer is here, and I was allowed to visit the Jäger family (and of course the farm dog Maja) again. For Elisabeth, summer days are busy days – besides the work on the farm and in the fields, such as the “Mah’n und Heign”, i.e. the hay harvest, she also fulfils her role as a family member. 

Farm garden in the cycle of the year

The awakening of spring

Farm garden in the springWorking in a cottage garden in the spring
The sun sends its first warm rays, the flowers stretch their heads upwards towards it. The fields turn from mottled white-brown to lush green. I don’t know about you, but the smell of spring in my nose always increases my motivation to spruce up my garden, balcony and the like. Elisabeth Jäger, a farmer from Eben, feels the same way. After the winter break, there is a lot of work to be done in the farm garden at the Buschberghof.

The monte popolo

a little gem of a ski area for all ages

The Maskottchen "Monti" at the monte popolo in Ebenmonte popolo
The sky is bright blue, the snow is sparkling in the sunshine – do you know what it’s like to really look forward to a day of skiing? Even getting up early is easy for me. Out of the ski bus, into the lift, onto the slopes! Today I’m taking you to monte popolo – the small, fine ski area in Eben im Pongau. The two chairlifts Popolo I and Popolo II take us up to 1600 m above sea level. To where our ski day can finally really begin. 

On 2 runners instead of 2 boards

a family in toboggan fever

Family Kallan im toboggan feverTobogganing equipment
Fresh snow has fallen, we are warmly wrapped up and our helmets are on. Looking down into the valley, we’re excited about the descent. But not on skis – today we’re going down on a toboggan. Quickly, everyone takes their position at the start of the Hochbifang toboggan run. “On the count of three, off we go! One, two, threeeey!!”. Turn after turn, the track winds its way through the forest. On every straight stretch we try to overtake. Until I hit the snow wall at the finish and we almost fall off the sled laughing.

The tailor-made local costume

“s'Ebener Gwandl“

s'Ebener Gwandl s'Ebener Gwandl
Admittedly, I don’t really have much to do with dirndls and traditional costumes. But when I heard that Eben im Pongau was going to have its own local costume for the first time, “tailor-made” to fit the village and its people, I became curious. How do you combine fabrics and materials of a traditional costume so that it represents a community? I was allowed to ask these and many other questions of Ebener Cäzilia Althuber, master seamstress and creator of  “s'Ebener Gwandl”.

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